Extremes (A Choose Your Own Adventure Game)

Hey all!

For my Intro to Digital Studies course, we got to pick a module – such as creative coding or GIF making, and set our own goals. I chose the gaming module.

Once everyone had chosen a module, we formed groups with the other people participating in the same module. The gaming module group was one of 5 people; 3 looked into the history of gaming, one created a game (that’s me!), and one both looked into some of the history and produced a game.

My goal was to learn how to make simple games for the computer. I never actually specified to myself which type of games, but I was conjuring images of jumping over blocks and whatnot. I first experimented with Scratch and Sploder, both of which are graphics-oriented; after playing around with them for a little, I realized that I had no clue what I was doing. I also didn’t particularly like the graphics or the interface on either source. Now, had I been more…conscientious in my studies (and had that massive snowstorm not completely wrecked my flow), I probably would have found a game creator I did like and made a very simple game reminiscent of a level of Super Mario Bros. However, I wasn’t and it did, so there I was with 3-4 days to learn and create. Then I remembered Twine. I downloaded the software, read this VERY helpful tutorial guide, and was able to successfully produce a simple choose-your-own-adventure game.

This module also helped me to learn some more about myself. I know that I’m pretty self motivated – normally. I realized, however, that when I am tired or with friends, it is difficult for me to focus on my work – and yes, the latter is new to me because I was always the person chattering away in class while doing classwork. Once I moved to doing homework in my room, I became consistently more productive (though the tired aspect would rear its head, leading me to watch TV when I should have been studying. That is just one more thing I shall conquer). I also reminded myself during this module that I can learn things on my own, that I am creative and have good ideas, and that I can pretty much do whatever I set my mind to (my dad likes to joke that Persistence is my middle name).

Do I wish I had used my time more productively and accomplished a bit more with this module? Sure I do. Am I somewhat disappointed that I was not able to produce a game with graphics and keyboard controls? I am, just a little bit, but I have no doubt that I will create one in the future. I am also very proud of the game I did manage to produce. If you would like to play it, please go on and click on the link below.





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