Interactive Fiction

For this module, I chose to do do interactive fiction. Once again, I chose to use Twine to tell my story, like I did for the the gaming module. However, as I had used Twine before, I decided to look into story organization and adding media to my story. Instead of writing a story, I chose to create an interactive map of Disneyland. Whereas my first game used about 10 squares of code and text, this has more than I would want to count, and it still isn’t finished. I learned this go around that organization can be really tricky with twine, especially when you’re adding squares as you go or when a piece of information is forgotten and has to be added in. I also discovered that many of the commands are derived from programming languages (i.e., python and html), which makes sense considering this program uses hypertext. Overall, even though my map is still incomplete, I think this experience was a success because I was able to learn more about the organization process of Twine, as well as how to add media to my story.

Here is the (incomplete) map. I will update it as I continue finishing it.

Tata for now!

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