Module 2: GIFs (Part 3/3)

Hey again. So, I have officially completed the research and create portions of this module. I made two GIF sets; one was from a promo video for Tangled, while the other was created using time lapse videos from YouTube (I had originally wanted to use my own videos, but weather and timing did not allow for this). The time lapse videos were the ones from which I made my cinemagraphs. Looking at the more professional cinemagraphs, I’m beginning to think that there may be some more complex steps involved depending on the video in questions, but I am very proud of the ones I did make using what I believe to be simple steps. I posted some links to a few really helpful guides in my first post about this module, which can be found here. Both sets of GIFs I created can be found here, on my Tumblr. I hope you enjoy them; I had a lot of fun making them and getting them to work.

SIgning off and ta-ta-for-now,


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