Module 2 : GIFs

Hello all!

As part of my Intro to Digital Studies course, I have decided to learn more about making GIFs. Last semester I learned how to make GIFs in photoshop from a series of photographs. I got my friend Meggie to model for me, and I love how the GIFs turned out. Here’s a clip:


This time, I decided that I wanted to learn how to take a video and turn it into a GIF using Photoshop. As I was looking at various guides, I came across something called a cinemagraph. A cinemagraph is a GIF that looks like a still image except for certain areas of the picture: for instance, a picture of a girl standing still but her hair or her shirt is moving. I’d seen those before and thought they were cool, but I also thought they would be very difficult to create; turns out, they aren’t actually that hard. I’ve been taking time lapse videos of Disney(-land and World) and making cinemagraphs from different parts. It’s really fun and the end product it really interesting.

If you’re looking to make GIFs or cinemagraphs, here are some really useful guides I found and used:

-short YouTube video on making cinemagraphs

first guide on how to make cinemagraphs

second guide on how to make cinemagraphs

guide on how to make GIFs using different software

There are loads more guides and tutorial videos out there; these just happen to be the few that I used.

Signing off for now,


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