Digital Archaeology: Reflection

In class, we were assigned teams of 4-5 people. Our project was to find a piece of technology and dismantle it and then investigate the pieces that made it up. My group chose to look into an RCA Clock from the mid 2000s. You can look at what we found here, as the findings are not what I am here to talk about. Instead, I’m going to tell you about my experience as part of a team.

In almost every group project I did during my high school career, most of the work ended up falling on my shoulders, often because I cared the most and wanted to make the project great. This time that wasn’t my role, and it was a huge relief for it not to be. We all put in our fair share of research and archiving, but I would like to thank my team member Faith for putting in a tremendous amount of effort and putting together the site I shared above; Faith went above and beyond her role in the group to ensure our project was a success, and I am so very grateful. This ended up happening because the members on our team continuously had conflicting schedules, so meeting up outside of class was extremely difficult. However, in spite of this obstacle, we were able to work together effectively and efficiently to create a quality end product. Another shout out to my entire team for being super great.

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