Digital Identity

At the beginning of the semester, I wasn’t a very active participant online. I mainly stuck to Facebook – posting pictures, the occasional status update, and commenting on friends’ posts. I would also reblog and like posts on my tumblr blog, the name of which has since changed. While I had other online spaces, I did not actively use any.

Fast-forward 3 months…

My tumblr has evolved from one to two main blogs. My main blog, Blonde And Proud, is where all my reblogging and liking takes place, same as before.

blondeandproudtumblrblondeandproudtumblr stats

My other blog, Art From the Moore House (title appears on site as Rose Helen Moore), is strictly for posting my artwork.

Art from moore hosue

In addition to this new Tumblr, I have also become much more active on Instagram, uploading mainly pictures of my art but also of my everyday life.


I also still have my redbubble account, but I have not done much with it since I set it up. I also still have a Twitter that I don’t use.

Also new to my digital identity is my newly done main domain. Here you can find links to all of the sites mentioned above, as well as some other ones that are not as actively used. The site has drop down menu items that separate the pieces of my identity into categories, as well as a front page linking to my favorite parts of my identity.


This semester, I learned the importance of having a strong digital identity. I’m hoping to break into the creative industry after college, and one way to do this is to have strong online presence that illustrates both who I am as a person and who I am as an artist. I plan to continue developing both of these as I continue to grow, both in college and out of it.

Ta Ta For Now,


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