Neuromancer : Theme Survival Guide – The Explanation

Our assignment was to use some form of digital media to explain the novel Neuromancer. My group chose to create a Theme Survival Guide composed of text and GIFs using Storify (x). I’m not actually sure WHY we chose to create a theme survival guide; it was one of those group things where someone goes, “Let’s do this!” and because nothing was set in stone anyways and it’s actually not a bad idea, you just roll with it. We had actually chosen to use GIFs before we chose how to use them, partially because of my prior experience of using GIFs to tell stories on Storify (here and here). I’m very happy with our end product, and I’m equally glad that we chose to write a theme survival guide rather than a direct summarization of the plot. Neuromancer is a difficult book to get through, for me at least, and I hope that having some themes to look for will help a reader better understand the novel as they read it.

Please, let me know what you think of our survival guide. While you’re at it, why don’t you go ahead and give Neuromancer a try? It can be hard to really get into it, but if you can it’s a great read!


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